Visit The Loire Valley and The Loire Valley Castles


Steeped in history the Loire Valley is home not only to France’s longest river, but a series of ever more magnificent estates. Known collectively as the Chateaux of the Loire Valley, the Loire Valley Castles are former noble estates that were Summer homes for members of the court. After the French Revolution many estates were destroyed or looted making the ones that survived in Loire Valley a dear architectural heritage. These Loire Valley Castles are now privately owned or have been taken into care by the government and are crowning jewels to the historic towns of France including Amboise, Angers, Blois, and many others.

Visiting The Loire Valley and its Castles
Although many of the Loire Valley Castles are privately owned a great deal have been turned into beautiful bed and breakfasts and hotels. Getting to stay in one of the Chateaux affords you a sweeping view of the Loire countryside and the expansive river. Many of these fine estates have beautiful Renaissance styled gardens and although each of the castles represent the best of Renaissance architecture no two castles are alike. Each of these estates boasts different architectural styling since these were commissioned by different nobles who had varied tastes and aesthetics. Besides the delights of the castles themselves there are a myriad of wonderful activities and places to explore in the surrounding towns. There are several wineries, new cuisine to try in each town, and countless nature walks that let you explore the breathtaking countryside. Not only that but you truly get to explore history with many of the Chateaux boasting museum worthy historical artifacts. Some of the most delightful being the Chateaux that Leonardo Da Vinci frequented while alive. His tomb is located at Royal Chateau of Amboise, but to immerse yourself in his life visitors should go to the Chateau of Clos Luce also known as Leonardo Da Vinci Park. Located in Amboise as well, visitors can tour where Da Vinci lived and worked. Several of his machines and inventions are on display here and the grounds of the estate are equally intriguing. The Loire Valley is home to numerous wonders ranging from stunning architecture and historical interests to fine cuisine and beautiful wineries. Whatever your interests The Loire Valley and The Loire Valley Castles are sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.