Visit the Angers Castle for a Historical Memory


Angers Castle is found in the Pays de la Loire region, at the heart of the town of Angers
The château of Angers is a remarkable Citadel marked by massive medieval fortifications stretching half a kilometer of metamorphic rock and limestone towers built in the 13th Century. The signature of castellated enclosure resembles a continuation of the natural rocky promontory resting over river Maine. The walls which surround the city dons 17mighty towers which are a sign of architectural might besides being a historical creation.

Angers château hosts a great treasure in the famous Apocalypse Tapestry which is the biggest weaving work of the medieval times. This extraordinary masterpiece is the picture of the 14th Century historical, social and political arena.

Angers Castle started as a Roman fortress due to its strategic defensive location. The castle was constructed by Saint Louis which later on remained a base for the Angevin kings. Since then; the site has metamorphosized leaving behind landmarks. Access to the castle was through two draw bridges over moats. Within the massive fortresses are buildings and gardens which at first served as a home for the extraordinary menagerie hosting both exotic and domestic animals.
Between 14-15th Century marked the days of the great Apocalypse Tapestry, some which reach over 100 meters high.

Further modification brought in a chapel which housed the cross of the crucifixion.
In the 16th Century, Catherine de Medici and her son removed much of the defense works in the castle. The fortress also served as a prison, barracks and military training grounds.
Much of the castle was destroyed during the world war two from an explosion.
Within the austere fortress are an array of peaceful gardens. The building of terraces and gardens, gateways and galleries has transformed this ancient site into a precious French heritage.
Angers Castle is a place of remarkable wealth, and archaeological diversity remains as well as sophisticated masterpiece and of mediaeval art.

How to Visit Angers Castle
Access Angers château at the junction of Paris/Nantes and Rennes/Poitiers main roads –A10 motorway exit or use a train and walk about 10 minutes from the station.

Opening Hours
Open daily from 9.30am-6.30pm from 2nd May until September 4th and 10.00 -17.30hrs starting 3rd September to December 31st, 2017.