Visit the Cheverny​ Castle

The Cheverny Castle is located in France’s Loire Valley. This castle is just a few hours from Paris, and it can be reached by car, shuttle, train, and bus. This article will go over the history of this gorgeous castle, along with visiting hours and things to see while you’re visiting.

History of the Cheverny Castle
The Cheverny Castle was constructed in the start of the 17th century and has stood as a testament to the architecture ever since. This castle was built with pure white stones and the stones harden over time. This castle has a rigid look to it that stands out in sharp contrast to the bell towers, domes, and other French-style tops on the roof. The Cheverny Castle is still owned by the direct descendants of the original castle’s builders.

Interior of the Cheverny Castle
The castle’s interior retains a historical charm while harkening back to earlier decades. There are several fireplaces throughout this historical landmark, and each room is beautifully designed. There is an arms room that boasts a chimney piece carved by Jean Monier, as well as various chests, trunks, and weapons. The castle’s dining hall features the story of Don Quixote, that is hand-painted on 34 wooden panels. There is floor to ceiling artwork in the King’s Chambers as well. There are several historical pieces throughout this castle, including a Louis XV clock with gorgeous bronze carvings, and a Louis XIV chest of drawers. Both the interior and the exterior of this castle are kept immaculate, and it is now open for the public to enjoy for years to come.

Visiting the Cheverny Castle
The Cheverny Castle has opened its door to visitors so they can experience the rich history this castle has to offer. The castle is open seven days a week, year round. This includes holidays and Sundays as well. You have the option of choosing guided or individual tours, and there are several different tours you can choose from depending on your time restraints. They have discounted rates for groups of 20 people or more, and anyone who has a disability is free. You can tour just the castle, or both the castle and the gardens, Marlinspike Hall, and ride on electric boats and cars. There are over 100 hunting dogs, and if you can time it correctly, you can watch them be fed each day.

The Cheverny Castle is a historical gem that everyone should visit if they get the chance. History buffs and families alike will revel in the beauty and historical significance of this landmark.